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        ABOUT US

        Company Profile

        Venada kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. Located in Junan, Shunde, Guangdong Province with about 100 employees,we are a company   that integrates production, research and development, and sales of kitchen equipment and stainless steel products. After many years of dedicated operations,   our products are exported to Japan, Russian,Europe, South American and other markets.

        Our company is in the line of hotel equipment , there are electric fryer, electric griddle, hot dog warmer, milk shaker, Panini Contact grill, Bain marie and  other series of products.

        In production process, we purchase a ''AMADA'' Numerical control punch press from Japan, a laser cutting machine imported from German , a 3D laser welding machine, a bending machine and other processing equipment and use complementary process and production management system. Our company has obtained ISO9001 management certification system and our products have obtained EU CE certification and RoHS certification and so on.

        The faith of our company is research,innovation and high quality management philosophy which have laid a solid foundation for the company in the market. Over the years,our company has won a good reputation in the market. To sail far and wide, to sail stable and prestige is the motto of every Venada man.

        Our company has a professional after-sales team, and we can timely feedback and solve the problems of customers when they use our products.